Timbaland Behind the Scenes…

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Innovation


I love watching videos of producers going to work and seeing what goes into the music that I am such a fan of.   I secretly (not so secretly for those that know me) want to be a producer at some point in my life and I have began studying again to get my chops back up but to be on the level of a Timbaland is something totally different!!  I love this dude!


Gotta find it….

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Videos

Someone stole his laptop and other things while he was performing at a show so Ryan Leslie is asking for help to find it.  Now I know it was taken in Germany but I think that it is cool that he solicited his fans to help find it.  The power of the web is amazing!  This is the equivalent of an BOLO (Be On the Look Out) given by law enforcement!!  But now millions are looking for this individual and not just a few trained proffesionals!!

I hope his intellectual properties are found!!

Time for change….

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have decided to go in another direction with this blog.  It is going to be a bit more holistic in its approach.  I am simply going to entertain and inform.  I found myself to be a bit boxed in with the old format of the blog and I didn’t want to spread myself thin by starting a blog for every single thing that I wanted to share with you guys and gals.  So this will be your one stop shop.  Obviously I am into marketing and branding and all things music and comedy so this will be fun for me and hopefully for you as well.  So come check me out and follow the blog and I assure you that there will be something new every couple of days!!

Funny...ha ha?

Look At Me….

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

talk about going green...lol

Just another attempt by a company to cut through the clutter that is mass advertising/ marketing.  Did it work?  Would you buy some shell toe Adidas after seeing this billboard?

Look At Me…..

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Look At Me...

One thing that is very apparent in this day and age is that everyone is vying for your attention in some form or fashion to sell their product.  Everywhere you turn companies and entities position themselves to catch your attention in hopes of making some “cheese”.  From New York City to London to Tokyo…it is the same thing the world over.  I call it the “look at me” effect.  A company will do the oddest things to get you to look at their product and position themselves in any possible spot that they can. 

The "look at me" effect in full force

The streets in London

"look at me" effect is strong in Tokyo as well

This segment  – “Look At Me…” will be about advertisements in the weirdest forms and/or in locations around the globe.  I already have a few cool ones so you should just …sTaY tUnEd…

Innovation…Ryan Leslie

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Innovation

Ryan Leslie is a recording artist and a producer and former student of Harvard University that realized to cut through the clutter that is the music industry he would have to set himself apart in a unique way.  For years he had been behind the scenes of the music industry as a protege of Sean “P. Diddy” Combs at Bad Boy Records but he decided to go out on his own and went against the traditional approach of branding himself.  Above is a video that showcases his major form of trying to garner attention in an industry that there is so much to consume that if you don’t have some form of innovation that you will never have success!  These videos put him in the light of a music artist as well as the creator and gave people access to what some of the creative process behind the scenes is like.  This resonated with fans…myself included…because there are millions of people who would like to be in the music industry and if they can find a way to relate themselves to an artist then they will instantly become a fan.  Ryan Leslie captured that desire in his videos that he continues to this day, and he has turned the videos into an expected product of his albums.  This is a very innovative approach to an industry that some believed was bound to die…but instead is simply evolving!

It seems in this day and age everyone is trying to find a way to get their products noticed.  In this video by Jazmine Sullivan you will see Nuvo.  People are at a party having a great time and beyond the great music it seems that Nuvo is the other reason for that great time.  They put Nuvo in a light where you can already see who their target market is…party goers!  I thought it was very polished in how it was shown and they didn’t beat you over the head with it.  This product placement for Nuvo was very effective in conveying its message and they didn’t even have to say the word “Nuvo” with some corny catch phrase once!  Any product partnered with great music will always have a heads up!