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Adidas Reconnecting…

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Partnerships

In this video you have a long time established brand, Adidas, partnering with a popular, fresh, and very interactive brand Ryan Leslie in a very nice attempt to reconnect with consumers in a similar way as Adidas used to partner with Run DMC.  For years Adidas has utilized the star power of major artists to connect with potential and long standing customers by showcasing their product in a light that they feel will resonate with their target market.  Everything about Ryan Leslie, and Run DMC for that matter, represents their target audience for that line of clothing.  After seeing the video I was ready to get that hoody myself to be honest.  It spoke to me in a very unintrusive way that made me want to act on what I saw.  Well done Adidas

Adidas partners with RUN DMC


 (There will be plenty on Ryan Leslie to come.  He is someone I look up to a lot…and not just because of his great music.)