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Look At Me…..

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Look At Me...

One thing that is very apparent in this day and age is that everyone is vying for your attention in some form or fashion to sell their product.  Everywhere you turn companies and entities position themselves to catch your attention in hopes of making some “cheese”.  From New York City to London to Tokyo…it is the same thing the world over.  I call it the “look at me” effect.  A company will do the oddest things to get you to look at their product and position themselves in any possible spot that they can. 

The "look at me" effect in full force

The streets in London

"look at me" effect is strong in Tokyo as well

This segment  – “Look At Me…” will be about advertisements in the weirdest forms and/or in locations around the globe.  I already have a few cool ones so you should just …sTaY tUnEd…