Posted: November 30, 2010 in Leadership

This guy Leo Berman (R) of the Texas State House is ridiculous!  It is sad to see that when facts are in front of someone and it doesn’t go along with their own personal views then they develop a case of selective memory, or only reading what they want to so that it sticks to their story.  At one point in this interview he says that he has never seen Pres. Obama’s passport or travel records…then he says he had a passport in the early 90’s when he went to Pakistan during a time when American’s were not allowed in Pakistan?????  So has he seen his passport or not?  Ugh…then Anderson Cooper put it back in his face based on evidence that he actually went in 1981 (a decade earlier than accused) during a period when it was allowed.  I am truly concerned when a person who represents the people is so unwilling to listen to facts instead of half truths.  What is the deal with our leadership???  I am not knocking him for having his own views because that is American…I am knocking a representative of the American people not being willing to pay attention to the evidence.  That is a problem for me!!  You cannot LEAD based on your personal opinion in this capacity!!!  It just isn’t professional.  I am not angry just disappointed that we appoint leaders such as this.  i think I will begin to pay MUCH closer attention to politics and who is leading me than i have been.  I am not from Texas but I take the blame partially because I have not been doing my part to elect more compentent well rounded leadership!!  It won’t happen again though!

(Video quality is decent but I had to post this asap!)


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